These videos have been compiled here as an easy-to-access resource for you to watch, listen to, and share with others. 


Leadership Lessons

These are Leadership Lessons shared by various pastors from around the world. Each lesson includes wisdom and encouragement specifically with you in mind: those serving Jesus in a leadership capacity.


Pastor Daniel interviews various pastors and church leaders about various topics pertaining to serving Jesus in a leadership capacity.


One Piece of Advice

Pastors and church leaders from around the world share ONE PIECE OF ADVICE for those serving Jesus in leadership.

3 Circles

3 Circles is an excellent tool on how to share the gospel in everyday conversations.


Discipleship Tools

These videos were created by Pastor Robby Christmas and include excellent advice and practical ways to disciple others.

Refresh Conference 2017

These videos are from the Refresh Conference 2017, hosted by Redemption Church in Delray Beach Florida. This conference was designed to encourage and equip the servants of Jesus in Palm Beach County and includes sessions taught by Pastor Ben Courson and Pastor Daryl Nelson.