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Daniel Williams

Lead Pastor  

Redemption Church Delray Beach



Hi, I'm Daniel Williams…

My wife, Laura, and my 2 children and I moved from Washington State to South Florida to plant Redemption Church Delray Beach in 2011. I have been heavily involved in ministry and church leadership starting as a pastor’s kid, transitioning to youth pastor, worship ministry, and finally church planter and lead pastor. I’ve been involved with the Calvary Church Planting Network (CCPN) as well as various other networks focused on supporting and developing leaders in the church. I LOVE Jesus and I LOVE His church. I love learning from other pastors and leaders in ministry, and I have found myself in a position to share much of what I am learning with other leaders and servants in the church. My heart is to encourage and equip those serving in leadership in the church by passing along some of these incredible resources. My wife and I greatly appreciate those who have taken time to pour into us throughout our journey in ministry and leadership, and we pray that God uses EEleaders to continue this important work. God bless you.

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