Interview | The First Year of Planting with Pastor Andrew & Pastor Josiah

Andrew Lundy, Solace Church, and Josiah Graves, The Exchange Church, are both pastors of churches planted this past year. They share about what that process has been like and answer a few questions you may have about planting a church. What have been the highlights and the challenges? How do we do conflict well? The difference between expectations of ministry and the realities of ministry. There are lessons worth learning. 


“We want to go to those who aren’t coming. We want to see people come into a real life-changing, life-giving relationship with Jesus.”

“When I look back at this year and I see what God’s done, I think a highlight is the way in which  people who were not walking with God have now come back into a relationship with God and are serving in our church.”

“The lesson that I am constantly coming back to is not what I’m doing or how I’m doing it, by why? Why am I doing it? Is this something I’m doing heartily, as unto the Lord?”

“God’s had to rewire how I think. I’m a pastor. I’m feel like I’m doing a lot of paramedic work. We may want to go take the mountain, but our people are all down the hill and they are bruised and injured and hurting. And sometimes before we can do do something, we just need to be and to heal, to preach the gospel to ourselves.”

“It’s not about what we do, it’s about who we are in the process.”


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