Interview | Dealing with Anxiety with Pastor Will Torres

Pastor Daniel talks with fellow church planter,Will Torres, Proclaim Church, Boynton Beach, FL about dealing with anxiety. Pastor Will shares his personal journey with anxiety and panic attacks and what that like as a Christian. “It took more faith for me to trust that God was going, through His common grace, lead me to the right doctor to help me.” This is a deeply personal story about an important subject that is often overlooked in ministry. Will’s wife, Kristan Torres, is a licensed Christian counselor at Hope Christian Counseling in Boca Raton, FL. Redemption Church Delray Beach has partnered with both Will & Kristan Torres to host events that deal with Anxiety and Depression. Check them out in the links section below. 


“Sometimes we have anxiety and stress that are actually good for us because they bring us to God. But there is a physical side to anxiety and stress that involves mental health.” - Daniel Williams

“I would encourage you to find a good Christian counselor to help you deal with these deep-seated anxieties.” - Will Torres

“Often times ministers are afraid to talk about this. They are afraid of how people will perceive them. The reality is, this has opened up a door of ministry for me. Now people come to me with these issues and I’m able to talk from experience how God saw me through. He used doctors.”

“If pastors, people in ministry, could talk about this without a stigma attached to it, this would save lives.” - Will Torres

“When someone is going through anxiety or depression, it is important that you have people to go through it with you.” - Will Torres

“Christians have anxiety. Non-christians have anxiety. It is important to be able to help one another, Sometimes we just have to walk with people and be sensitive to the Spirit.” - Daniel Williams

“Create the space for people to talk about it. Practice empathy, The reality is, Jesus walked with His disciples.” - Will Torres


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